Nilfisk One Series - designed with today’s living in mind

04/01/2016 10:51

Introducing our newest family members, the Nilfisk One series of vacuums.

The Nilfisk One range has been designed with today’s living in mind. It’s compact for easy storage without compromising on performance, manoeuvrability or style.  


Living spaces today are becoming smaller and this means space is more precious; Nilfisk have designed the One Series with this thought in mind. The smaller design means easy storage in any living situation, along with a specially designed storage belt that enables the hose to be held in place when wrapped around the vacuum.

You’ll also spend less time cleaning with a machine that provides all the performance of dust pick up that most would expect to be achieved by only larger vacuums. You can effortlessly adjust the motor speed to meet your specific cleaning task, and with handy on-board accessories, easy manoeuvrability and a dust bag full indicator showing you when to change the bag, cleaning could not be made easier.

Compared to a 1550W machine, the One (700W) uses only 50% energy whilst maintaining the same performance. This makes it a green and economic choice for any customer, who cares about saving money and reducing pollution – and who doesn’t?

With the new design and hose strap, the One actively brings the vacuum cleaners out of the closet and into the living spaces. 

Key selling points:

  • Storability (easy storage and unclutter)
  • Performance (excellent cleaning results)
  • Energy (less energy usage, helps protect the environment)
  • Small and handy (easy to manoeuvre  = ease of use)


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