Nilfisk Roof Cleaner

03/03/2010 00:00

Nilfisk introduces dedicated solution for roof cleansing.
The Nilfisk Roof Cleaner is the first application-specific do-it-yourself solution for cleaning of dirty roofs ever to be marketed. Designed as an accessory for high-pressure washers, the unit consists of a telescopic lance extending to a maximum length of 4.2 metres. The pencil jet foam nozzle, however, can spray to a height of 11 metres, giving a total working reach of up to 15 metres. Nilfisk has also developed a special roof cleaning detergent, which is recommended for use with the tool.

The concept is primarily aimed at enabling easy access to the roof without having to climb on the roof itself. It is suitable for most houses. Being a do-it-yourself concept, the Nilfisk Roof Cleaner system also means that homeowners can carry out this work themselves without having to hire professional roof cleaning specialists. The pencil jet nozzle sprays a low-pressure film of foam onto the roof that dissolves the dirt and other residues that are commonly found on roofs and other exposed surfaces. Natural weather action completes the job. The nozzle can be adjusted to various angles up to 45° making it possible to access hard-to-reach corners. The quick-connect nozzle fitting also accommodates a brush for scrubbing and extra agitation.

On introducing this new product, a company spokesperson commented: “The Nilfisk Roof Cleaner system is designed specifically to enable house owners to wash the roof in a way that is both easy and safe. It is the first such application-specific product in this field. Of course it can also be used very effectively for other applications, such as cleaning caravans and mobile homes, greenhouses and even windows. It is important to note that the system consists of both the tool and use of a detergent. While other detergents can be used, we strongly recommend that our special roof cleaning detergent be used, since this has been developed and tested specifically for this application.”

Click&CleanThe system features Click & Clean fittings that allow fast and easy changes between the spray nozzle and brush. The brush is also fitted with a rubber lip for removing moisture, a feature that is especially important when used for window cleaning.

Nilfisk-Advance, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment, has branched into the consumer market with the introduction of its new dedicated product for cleaning house roofs.