C-PG 135.1-8 X-TRA UK
Nilfisk Consumer
C-PG 135.1-8 X-TRA UK

C 135.1

The handy all-round, high-pressure washer. With fulll power flexibility for frequent or larger cleaning tasks.

C-PG 135.1-8 X-TRA UK

Product no: 128471166

This powerful Nilfisk high pressure washer easily handles larger and frequent cleaning tasks.

It offers full flexibility and ranges from the gentle cleaning of soft or sensitive surfaces to blasting away ingrained dirt.The telescopic handle, sturdy wheels and long hose all ensure the ease-of-use you want, when working for longer periods of time.To increase performance, this Nilfisk comes with Click&Clean connectivity for a range of optional accessories.

    135 max pressure.Sturdy design with aluminum pumpHandles moderate to tough dirt on surfaces up to 30 m2/ hour.Automatic start/ stop system.Low noise.Trolley for high mobility.8m high-pressure hoseHose reel for convenient storage of hose.Easy storage of gun, lance, nozzle and foam sprayer.Click&Clean connectivity for quick and easy change of nozzles.The C-PG version offers PowerGrip for in-hand pressure control.

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