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The powerful 2-in-1 cleaner

Product no: 128390013

The Nilfisk Easy Cleaner gives you the best of both worlds – a powerful upright vacuum and easy to use handheld in one convenient package.
Available in three strengths to give you the exact cleaning power that you need, it offers up to 80 minutes of run time to keep your home spotless.

The powerful 2-in-1 cleaner

Uptight vacuum or handheld? Now you don’t have to choose. Introducing the new Nilfisk Easy Cleaner, the 2-in-1 vacuum that gives you the best of both worlds. For larger cleaning jobs, the Easy Cleaner is designed to be easy to operate and maneuver in any space. It also features a bright, integrated LED light to illuminate under furniture and in other dark areas.

For smaller cleaning jobs, simple push the button to remove the
integrated Nilfisk Quick Cleaner handheld vacuum. Now you can remove
dust and dirt from virtually anywhere thanks to the small, compact
cordless design that fits in the palm of your hand. Together, they provide
you with up to 80 minutes of clean time and deliver one of the best dust pick-ups on the market.

One charge provides up to 80 minutes of cleaning time.

Holds up to 0.6 litres of dust or dirt.

Comes in three different colors to match your lifestyle.

Integrated Quick Cleaner handheld vacuum.

    • Perfect for quick clean-ups – Cordless 2-in-1 cleaner that works as an upright or as a convenient hand-held vacuum.
    • Designed for everyday use – Front LED light, three speed options and battery indicator make The Easy Cleaner great for everyday use.
    • Made for your lifestyle - Available in three different sizes (20V, 28V and 36V) to deliver the right cleaning power to meet your exact needs.
    • Perfect for any household – Use as a main cleaner for a smaller household or a second cleaner for larger families with or without pets.

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