C130.1-6 PAD XTRA EU
Nilfisk Consumer

C 130.1-6

A compact high pressure washer with 130 bar

Product no: 128470254

This product line is discontinued

The C 130.1-6 is a domestic pressure washer which offers good performance level, a high level of comfort, flexibility and user-friendliness. This is for all types of low to medium frequency cleaning tasks around the house.

C 130.1-6 is a powerful, compact and ergonomic pressure washer with good storage facilities for the standard accessories. The upright design ensures good ergonomics. Click & Clean concept makes it quick and easy to change accessories. The well-known bayonet coupling from Nilfisk ensures compatibility with a wide range of -accessories. The cleaner is as standard equipped with a reliable and robust induction motor for a  long working life. It can be stored on a wall bracket or used directly from the wall mount as a stationary device.

    • Reliable aluminium pump.
    • Trolley for high mobility.
    • Storage of gun, nozzle and foam sprayer.
    • Integrated storage for hose and electric cable.
    • Pressure regulation.
    • Click&Clean nozzle system ensures quick and easy change of nozzle.
    • Automatic start/stop.
    • Sturdy and robust design.
    • Noise reduction by rubber suspension of motor pump unit.
    • Interactive CD included in the machine packaging.

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