C 105.6-5 PC UK
Nilfisk Consumer

C 105.6

Compact and handy pressure washer - easy to use

C 105.6-5 PC UK

Product no: 128470334

This product line is discontinued

This high pressure washer of 105 bar is suitable for all types of low frequency cleaning tasks around your house and perfect for cleaning small areas of patio. If you appreciate doing basic cleaning tasks on e.g. the patio, this pressure washer is the ideal tool.

The C 105.6 models are ideal for typical domestic cleaning tasks like cleaning of flagstones, stairways, vehicles with a moderate use. Furthermore, when you buy a C 105.6 it is almost ready for use - you only have to attach the hose. We have included an interactive CD where you can watch small video clips that show many different application areas as well as a small fun game. All main data on the machine will also be shown on the CD.

    • CLICK & CLEAN (C&C) nozzle system ensures quick and easy change of nozzle.
    • Reliable aluminium pump.Automatic start/stop.
    • Compact makes it easy to store. Upright standing.
    • Light–weight makes it easy to carry.
    • Easy to handle and operate.
    • Interactive CD included in the machine packaging that shows different cleaning applications
    • PC models include a Compact Patio cleaner

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